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Create, Verify & Protect

DigiDoc NFT dApp is designed to record, capture and protect personal & professional files including documents (IP, ™, ©), photos and video footage.


complexity of blockchain set up


Getting setup in the blockchain industry can be confusing for some users as various systems and dApp setups are required to complete this process which becomes time consuming and frustrating.


DigiDoc NFT’s one stop shop comes with:

  • One-click digital wallet setup
  • Minting NFTs
  • Trading and Sharing NFTs
  • Staking tokens
  • Decentralised storage
  • Data encryption & verification
  • Crypto Wallet Insurance

And much more inside one block of a dApp

Verification and Validation


Do we really know if the witness was in the room with you when you were signing the documents?

Or if the document is notarised and validated by one centralised point of governance. It’s such an old and corrupt infrastructure. Forgeries and documents “going missing” is also such a common occurrence. Keeping sensitive data private is hard, especially when you need to pass it on to someone else, it can get “corrupt” along the way.

Maintaining certificates, agreements or any documents in centralised data storage systems or on paper carrier belongs in the 1900’s and is no Bueno for Amazon rainforest, we all know that. Also PDF files have never really offered security against fraud…

Protecting intellectual property and copyrights is costly and time consuming


Verify and sign document with your signature and/or your wallet while witness is present using blockchain technology to make sure both parties are present in the room. The signed document will be uploaded to blockchain for safe keeping and optionally minted into transferrable & tradable NFT.

Personal ‘Socials’ Data


You’ve just captured an awesome image or video that could be monetized through your socials but someone has copied it and is cashing in on your earnings.

Unfortunately, images & videos get stolen and altered all the time.


DigiDoc NFT is here to put a stop to this by giving your images and video’s a DD’fied solution using our proprietary methods combining data encryption, blockchain technology, smart contracts & available meta data.

With DigiDoc NFT you can use your own mobile phone camera to record a video or take a photo directly into the blockchain and verify your ownership of the recording instantly.

Proof of ownership


Proving ownership of an idea or creation is complex, costly and time-consuming but doesn’t have to be.

602.4(D) No Searches or Comparison of Works
When examining a claim to copyright, the U.S. Copyright Office generally does not compare deposit copy(ies) to determine whether the work for which registration is sought is substantially similar to another work. Likewise, the Office generally does not conduct searches to determine whether the work has been previously registered.


Truly take ownership of your intellectual property just like your cryptocurrency in your digital wallet. Mint your idea into an NFT and easily hide sensitive information behind the NFT that will only be visible to you the holder.
Easily verified and provable in court.

DigiDoc vision is to “mint” the industry standard!

Catfishing – Don’t be fooled!


In social media, dating sites or even adult industry sites, we see a lot of “catfishing”, scams and phishing attempts.

We don’t really know if the person is who they say they are.


Verify the person is whom they say they are via DigiDoc multi-tiered KYC certificate.

Each uploaded image gets shared with a unique verification link for the image to show if they are truly the person they say they are.

Proof of court & data validation


Proving proof of truth in court is a tough job. Especially when there are so many lies out there.

In social media and online dating sites, we see a lot of “catfishing” and phishing attempts. We don’t really know if the person is who they say they are.

Writing a news article or blog story that someone might want to change or remove in the future, as it doesn’t fit into their narrative?


The power of blockchain technology can help! Simply take any document, event, video or photo and write it into the blockchain without anyone ever being able to change it or remove it. You can easily use this information in court as it remains untampered and therefore truthful.

Tie the wallet to the person’s identity and when uploading photo or document to the site, others will know this person is true and verified identity for dating sites for example.

For news story and blog articles you’ll know who is the owner and who wrote it and when it was written exactly. It helps to solve so many copyright issues in the process. Writing information into the blockchain is writing history permanently. 



In the current digital age, a lot of the books have now moved online and you can easily purchase a digital copy. Making pirated copies of your new book is too easy and will seriously hurt the bottom-line profits which the author is entitled to.


With DigiDoc NFT you can mint a limited amount of the book and once it is sold out, no more will be created. If anyone wants to purchase a copy they will need to buy it from NFT marketplace from other previous purchasers and the price will keep going up as you can’t get any more copies. 

Every time a book is resold on the market, then the author will also automatically receive royalties.

DigiDoc NFT also doesn’t allow screen captures of your book. 

Writing a “limited edition” book? You can control how many copies there are from they day you mint them into NFT’s. Once they are sold there are no more copies created and the only way to get one is buying it from the people that are willing to sell their copy. “The true limited edition”



Imagine this…

You’ve just spotted a Bigfoot AND caught it on camera.

But no-one believes you because of apps like DeepFaceLab, FakeApp, ZAO Deepfake App etc.

You’ve scored the filming of a lifetime and its deemed a fake! Urgh!


MBGGo & DigiDoc NFT is here to put a stop to this by combining the information from GPS and Camera enabled device(s). 

A machine to machine solution which sends the data directly from the recording source like Buddy cam to decentralised storage and then to the blockchain. Now you know exactly where the video was recorded, when and uploaded into blockchain without giving someone an ability to create a deepfake. 

With DigiDoc NFT you can use your own mobile phone camera to record a video or take a photo directly into the blockchain and take ownership of the recording instantly. 

Vehicle Servicing Records


How many car receipts can you squish into a glovebox? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘a lot. Think repair bill, maintenance receipts, registration papers. I’m sure your purchase agreement is still in there too. It’s a never ending, always increasing pile right?


DigiDoc NFT helps you secure and keep track of all your records in the one spot. Yes, you got it right, in your digital wallet. Simply add (or get the business supplying the record to add) the information directly. Everything is now kept all in the one spot, all together, never going missing and easily accessible. AND you get your glove box back!

Vehicle Service Intervals & Reminders


Servicing your vehicle on time is imperative. Failing to do so can run you the risk of premature wear and tear or worse, causing extensive damage. But how do you remember? How do you remind yourself to look at the Mechanics ugly sticker in the top right-hand corner? Its certainly not a fool proof system, is it?

Yes we also know that cars are getting smarter and more annoying letting us know that it is time to go in for the service every single time you start your car when it is due.


Set automatic service reminders for your vehicles along with storing the service records in a safe place with the help of DigiDoc NFT dApp. Take the risk out of the equation and get rid of the mess.

Car engine needs clean air to operate at a maximum efficiency same goes with us humans. The vehicle cabin air filter which literally filters the toxins & pollens out from the air we breathe inside the car. Most car owner overlook this important filter and don’t remember when to change it, most “smart” vehicles won’t remind you when to change it either.

We took a step beyond the reminders and will cover a percentage of the cost to service your vehicle when using MBGGo wallet & tokens for payment.

Proof and Transfer of Vehicle/Asset ownership


Just sold your car? Got to fill in a tonne of paperwork and then go and sit in the queue at your local department of motor vehicles aka DMV. Time is money…a wise man once said.


Truly take ownership of your vehicle, just like your crypto in cold wallets. Print your vehicle service history and pink slips into an NFT to store in your digital wallet. 

Sold your car, easy… transfer your vehicle service history along with the pink slips to the buyer and even change the funds in MBGGo token or other crypto currencies if you’d like.

Odometer Data & Tampering


Is your potential buyer wondering if the odometer is correct? Maybe it has been wound back or swapped out?

Do you know when to call in the customer that you sold the last car from your dealership to bring their vehicle in for service?

Looking for ways to increase your bottom line in your service department?


Easy… With MBBGo dApp and Asset Buddy or Buddy Cam combo you can do it all automatically and remotely.

Schedule your customers for a service exactly when they are due and offer them a healthy discount when they service at your dealership.

Booking can go directly into your service department calendar.
Less paperwork & more automation = more time & money

Up-to-date Vehicle Information


Keeping up to date records manually about your vehicle is tedious. Add human error and it can be downright wrong!

If something is incorrect with your vehicle you need to be advised irrespective of whether a ‘check engine light’ is on or not!

Running diagnostics for your vehicle can cost anywhere between $40-$70 AU/NZ


Let Buddy Cam or Asset Buddy tracker do it all for you. With built in CAN-BUS reader, it will log all this data to your account automatically and even diagnoses your vehicles health when you need it.

Manufacturer’s Warranty


As a manufacturer, you’d like to know when your customer’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired right?

You want to know if a customer tampers with the odometer or the reading is not consistent?

What about when your machinery is constantly being operated incorrectly and not in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This can cause excessive wear and tear on the asset and puts the integrity of the machine’s safety under question making it unreliable.


Buddy Cam and Asset Buddy will log the data into the blockchain directly from the CAN BUS. It will log this as soon as the device is disconnected/connected and run checks on the vehicle as soon as it is plugged back in to check the data.

We also have built in gyroscope that checks the machine operating angles and alerts when they go over the limit. Potentially voiding the warranty.

Centralised Point of Governance


Having to rely on centralised governance while conducting our day-to-day activities has been the way of running things for centuries. And the fact that it has been this way doesn’t mean that it’s right or wrong, it just means that the time has come for these things to change.


With Blockchain technology and crypto currencies you can take back control over your data, decision making and finance. No need to involve unnecessary third parties to simple transactions which can be resolved between two parties safely and instantly. People control the blockchain not governments!

The Roadmap

Q4 – 2021


The Birth of DigiDoc NFT

✅ Establishment of Advisory Board Committee
✅ Creation of Whitepaper
✅ Working out the tokenomics
✅ Exploring & Documenting future use-cases
✅ Technical structure for the UI
✅ Website Launch Designing hardware product for the MVP
✅ Designing hardware product for the MVP
✅ Ecosystem Mapping


Q1 -2022


Fundraising via Launchpads

Seed round fundraising
Minting the token in Polygon Blockchain
Development of DigiDoc NFT MVP
MetaMask Wallet Integration
Provide Liquidity Pool
Establishing MBGGo & DigiDoc NFT online communities
Integration with IPFS facilities
DEX Listing: Sushiswap
Private round fundraising
Fundraising via CyberFi

Q2 – 2022


Software and Hardware Development

DigiDoc NFT Token Staking Rewards – Stage 1 (Yield, Royalties, DigiDoc NFT Exclusive features)
Development of DigiDoc NFT Wallet
2FA Safety for DD Wallets
Distributing DD Wallets to existing users
Token Listing on CoinGecko
Encrypted system for API connections
NFT marketplace integrations
Fundraising via TrustSwap
Integration to Polygon blockchain

Q3 – 2022


Partnerships, Listings, Integrations

OAuth for Social logins
Partnerships with dating apps
Partnerships with social media apps
Partnerships with Pornsites
Token Listing on Coincodex
Token Listing on Nomics
Asset listing on Zapper.fi
Asset listing on Ape Board
Stable v.1.0 DigiDoc NFT dApp
Integration to Efinity blockchain

Q4 – 2022


Testnet and Governance

Setting up DigiDoc Testnet
DigiDoc NFT Ecosystem Governance
Setup dashcam & GPS hardware connections with DigiDoc NFT

Q1 – 2023


Wallet Insurance & Rewards

DigiDoc NFT Token Staking Rewards – Stage 2 (Wallet Insurance & Referrals)
DigiDoc NFT Payment Cashbacks

Q2 & Q3 – 2023

More Partnerships

Firmware Solutions, Industry Standard

Partnering with various government bodies (DMV, Copyright offices)
DigiDoc firmware solutions for hardware manufacturers
DigiDoc Verified NFT’s industry standard

The Ecosystem