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About the Token

DD Token is designed for many reasons. Using it as a payment method for products and services (subscriptions) and for paying the gas fees. On top of that you can use DD for voting in the governance DAO and to earn more DD by providing liquidity to the pools. Our roadmap also includes paying the fees in DD when minting DigiDoc NFT’s or any other data like photos and videos. DD token can be treated like one of the gift cards you see in the stores and used to pay for services. Token is also designed to give both the user and the merchant an ability to make extra by using the token when transacting.

TokenomicsPre-Sale Whitelist


DD will have multiple uses-cases  including payments for products and services. (i.e. subscriptions and e-commerce payments).


HODLers of DD token have the ability to cast their vote for project direction, feature proposal and future changes on the protocol.


Staking DD token has multitiered system to reward the stakers and increase their investment into the project gradually.

Liquidity Pools

Earn DD on autopilot by providing  LP & share the portion of the swap fees.


Payment to mint NFTs with our DigiDoc NFT decentralised application.

Crypto Card

Pay in DD with your Crypto Card and earn cashback rewards (Coming)

No Need to Mine

All DD Tokens are minted on genesis block just like all the other PoS tokens. So no need to waste electricity and computing resources. No need to buy new hardware. We use the oh-so-awesome Polygon blockchain. DigiDoc NFT is fast, because Polygon is fast! GAS fees in polygon network are almost non existent. 

The Tokenomics

We are as transparent as possible. In order to maintain fair distribution and 100% transparency, please refer to our token allocation chart. Once the token is live on the blockchain, you can monitor the actual distribution on the Polygon PoS Chain Explorer.

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Exchanges (Soon)

Here are a few exchanges where you can buy the DigiDoc NFT Token