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Bringing & Securing
real-world data into the blockchain.

What is DigiDoc?

DigiDoc secures real world data into the blockchain via dApps & protocols such as…

DigiDoc NFT dApp – “minting” the future of Identity verification, data validation, & ownership via NFTs

DD Token is a cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin), which allows to pay for your transactions when you are minting your NFTs, pay for products and services, you can trade them and the more you have the more weight you have when casting your votes (same as a shareholder).

DigiDoc Protocol which combines & encrypts dash-cam footage (recording source, like camera) with GPS data (Meta Data) via decentralised storage & blockchain technology to validate and ensure it can’t be tampered with.

Decentralised data Storage


Wallet Insurance and Burning


User Wallet Creation

Blockchain Interoperability


Secures Data from Recorded Source

How it works

DigiDoc NFT dApp

Discount on items using DD token


Exclusive Feature Access

Financial Solution for Business

Financial Solution for Individuals

Introducing DigiDoc NFT dApp

The future of Copyright & Intellectual Property protection and ownership using blockchain technology

Easiest Wallet Setup

Setting up a wallet is as easy as breathing. One tap login and verification, automatic seed generation, then you’re done!

One stop shop for NFTs

Easily mint, validate and trade NFTs in our user-friendly marketplace. Earn royalties. Verify NFTs via DigiDoc & 3rd party verified tick! 

Referral rewards

Track all referral rewards in our very sleek, modern, and easy-to-use dashboard. Real time credit of referral points is what you deserve!

Cashback Rewards.

Real-time credit of cash back rewards everytime you use your $DDT tokens for shopping online. Now you get to enjoy life’s greatest pleasures!

Staking Benefits:

Exclusive feature access, wallet insurance, governance, & earning yield are just few of the many goodies that you will get when you stake your $DDT!

Easy NFT Minting

Our DigiDoc NFT dApp can mint all your digital files into a NFT! Easily verify ownership of what’s yours using the blockchain.

Some of the problems we solve

Blockchain Complexity



Stolen Personal "Socials" Data

Proof of Ownership

Odometer Data & Tampering

Vehicle Servicing Records

Vehicle Service Intervals & Reminders

Manufacturer's Warranty

Proof of Court & Data Validation

Vehicle/Asset Ownership Transfer

Centralised Point of Governance

Our Partnerships

DigiDoc NFT partners with the best and leading providers in IT systems integration, Corporate, Commercial and Property Law, Car Accessories, Wearable Technology, Vehicle and Asset Tracking and Cyber Security.

With a proven track record combined with decades of experience across a diverse range of industries including building technology companies, GPS tracking and car care, we’re confident that we will delivery what needs to be delivered.

Ways to get involved

Whether you’re an investor, a developer, a car owner, or just a curious blockchain “explorer”, there are many ways to get involved with DigiDoc NFT! Here’s a few below.



Be up-to-date on all DigiDoc news. Chat on Discord or Telegram, follow our Tweets, and read or post something on Reddit! We love to have you in our community!


The DD Token will be available soon in all popular Polygon decentralized exchanges such as Sushiswap and Curve. More exchanges to buy DD token coming soon!


Are you a developer or would like to learn more how DigiDoc works? Read our get started guide,  watch videos and tutorials, check reference API implementations and more, soon!